Certools USA

Certools company specializes in providing the best solutions for the filtration systems, LPG and CNG market.


As a manufacturer with over 20 years experience and a strong position in the market , we are delivering the goods to the world’s most known original equipment manufacturers of LPG and CNG systems, and to over 500 wholesalers, distributors, automotive stores in Poland and 45 countries around the world.

We offer a wide range of filters for LPG and CNG automotive gas installations (liquid and dry phase filters), filters for industry, for forklift trucks, for gas cylinders and a big range of accessories for gas systems. The products have the necessary approval certificates, and some of them are covered by patent protection. Certools has highly specialized staff which provides high quality products, the modernization of production technology and the continued expansion of the offer.

The company’s products Certools are produced, stored and shipped from the factory located in Pabianice.