Special cars


Usually most special vehicles used to burn diesel fuel. However this is about to change. Using LPG and CNG may cut your costs by several tens of thousands dollars during vehicle lifetime.  CNG  is about $1,5 cheaper than gasoline, and almost $2 cheaper than diesel. Why resist?

For moderate weight tractor making 6 miles per gallon, that means annual savings of 14 thousand dollars if it rides 50 000 miles annually. Even though you have to pay much more for your trailer, it pays off after 1-2 years. If you travel more, it pays off even faster.

In Europe, India, Thailand people use CNG more and more often. It is specifically well suited for larger vehicles because the installation is larger, uses bigger tank and ads overall sophistication to the car’s fueling system. Right now this trend is getting to US.

The adoption rate is higher for special cars, than for trailer trucks. In case of vehicles like garbage trucks, dump trucks, excavators, concrete mix trucks, snowplows, cranes adoption is easier. Most of the special cars travel around some central point, and thus are much easier to refuel – you don’t need extra CNG stations across all the US. Usually just a few is enough.