Private passenger cars


A major part of our production are filters for passenger cars. Many of them are used by private car owners. We are a leading LPG and CNG filters brand in Poland and Europe. But we are a well recognizable brand in countries like Thailand, India, Australia, where thousands of car owners use our products.

Most of these cars use LPG as it needs much cheaper in terms of installation cost. Nowadays, more and more cars uses CNG. Although the installation is slightly more sophisitcated and much more expensive, the difference in cost of the fuel is substantial.

Certools provides all necessary filters for various installation providers and various types. We have both liquid and dry phase filters. We provide them with varying inlets and outlets. We can even have different inlets and outlets diameters and varying outlet numbers.

Our filters are product of choice for many car owners because we know how to make them cheaper without sacrificing the quality. We are one of the first filter companies that have introduced non-disposable filters with replaceable cartridges. Solid body give these filters good quality and literally unlimited lifetime, and replaceable cartridges make the solution cheap, because the only element that needs to be replaced is the inner filtering cartridge and a few o-rings to seal it.